Winter Recreation

Iowa winters may bring snow and cold, but they also bring a handful of outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy! Find some recreational opportunities in your town.

Butler County Winter Recreation

Butler County Snow Snoops

The Butler County Snow Snoops offer well-groomed snow-covered trails, family-friendly activities, and much more. Club rides are held locally as well as out of state, and meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at area businesses. There are even canoe floats in the summer!

Interested riders do not have to live in Butler County to be a member. In fact, this club has members from several counties and many of them belong to more than one area club.

Membership is $25/single and $30/family per year. This includes membership to the Iowa State Snowmobile Association.

If you are a snowmobile enthusiast, belonging to a snowmobile club is important. It’s these clubs that line up, clear, mark, and groom the trails for everyone to enjoy. Membership is key to keep funding coming into the clubs to pay for grooming costs. If you would like to become a member of the Butler County Snow Snoops, you can email [email protected].

Clarksville Ice Skating Rink (Coming in 2021)

Stay tuned for this new addition to Volunteer Park coming in 2021!

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Enjoy a variety of activities in the Cedar Valley region all year long and view upcoming events in the area!

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